Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser

Quality you can trust. One of the most popular, time-tested wet wipes dispenser warmers ever ships in a beautiful gift box. There is simply no better warmer at any price!

Takes the jolt out of cold baby wipes - Cold wipes shock a baby's sensitive skin, making your baby irritable and fussy. Warm wipes soothe and calm your baby, especially during late night changes!

Guaranteed to always stay moist - Innovative silicone seal locks in moisture and heat, preventing wet wipes dispenser from drying out and turning brown. The TOP-HEATED DESIGN cleverly keeps the wet wipes dispenser at the top of the dispensers box the warmest.

Built in changing light softly illuminates the changing table so you do not have to turn on the bright lights of the room during a late night diaper change. The night light will automatically shut off in 10 minutes.

High capacity case holds all wipe brands - Store up to a week's worth of your favorite diaper wipes. The universal container works with all "continuous feed" wipes... and with our CONVENIENT VIEWING LENS, you'll never run out mid-change.

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