When 'nappy rash' is really the sign of an allergy: Baby wipes, cleaning sprays and even potty training seats could be to blame

Like every mum, I was looking forward to getting my daughter potty trained. With another baby on the way, I was keen to avoid lugging around two lots of nappies, and Daphne, then two, was showing all the right signs.

I stocked up on Peppa Pig pants, a potty, a book about princesses' potties (obviously) and a spongy plastic seat to make our bathroom toilet more comfy.

But weeks into the process - sadly, it wasn't the two-day task promised by the experts - I noticed a red rash on her bottom. I assumed it must be nappy rash, where the skin is irritated by urine and faeces in a nappy, which she was still wearing at night.

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