The Best Makeup-Remover Wipes, According To Math

Are there products we rely on as much as makeup-remover wipes? Whether they're taking off our stubborn eye makeup or acting as our cleansing routine when we're a little too tired, these guys do it all.

Yes to Cucumbers' variety snagged the top spot because of its popularity with consumers and editors. And, the fans are loyal. On Ulta, user Suzyskis writes, "I've tried others and come back to this brand." With the countless other makeup removers out there, that's saying something.

To ensure you're getting all the gunk off your face, we suggest following your removal ritual with a good toner. And, that's really it — makeup-remover wipes are perfect for on-the-go cleansing. Stash the makeup-remover wipes next to your bed, in your bathroom, or in your purse, and you'll always have clean skin.

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