Security Lens Wipes

These wipes offer convenient cleaning of smudged and greasy lenses. They are handy and individually packaged. Just wipe until dry for a crystal clear shine. No need to wipe cleaned surface with a dry cloth. Keep these portable packets in your purse or bag, at home, school or work. Use on eyeglasses, sunglasses, goggles, cell/smartphone screens, computer/laptop screens and more.

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Even though Lens Wipes will not scratch lenses, sand or other surface grits may.  Always check lenses before cleaning to make sure surface is free of any debris that may caused damage during cleaning.  Plastic lenses easily get scratched Use extra caution when cleaning.  If appropriate, first rinse lenses with water.  Open package and remove wipe.  Unfold wipe and gently lean surface in a circular motion until dry for a streak-free shine.  Throw used wipe and packet in trash.

Warning: Do not flush.  Flammable.  Keep away from fire or flame.  For external use only.  Keep out of reach of children.  Contains Isopropyl Alcohol.  Not suitable for coated lenses.  Not for use on contact lenses.  Not for use on plasma screens.  Do not use on scratched or damaged lenses.  Always consult user manual or lens manufacturer for special cleaning instructions.

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