Lint Free Nail Wipes Pads Gel Polish Remover Cotton Cleaner

Effectively remove your nail lacquer with lint free nail wipes, a pack of lint-free, highly absorbent nail wipes ideal for use with Lacquer Remover.

The latest in professional lint-free nail wipes, lint free nail wipes deliver unparalleled performance for the most absorbent wipe ever. Quickly removing nail lacquer, these 100% lint-free wipes are ideal for cleansing nails and for gel services.

  1. Made from a virtually lint-free nonwoven fabric. MAKARTT 100% Lint-free wipes are the most convenient, easy -to-use and neat wipes around to remove all types of nail polish. Unlike other wipes, they will leave the nail surface completely free of lint, meaning a flawless finish can be achieved following cleansing.
  2. 360 piece box of high quality lint free nail wipes wipe away dirt and dust to leave the nail clean. Super soft, strong, absorbent, disposable and sanitary.
  3. Great for nail gel & nail polish removing and wiping, suitable for manicure and pedicure cleaning, effective and easy to use.
  4. Excellent Nail prep and Brush Cleaner without leaving behind any fibers that can spoil your perfect nails.
  5. The latest in professional lint free sanitary cloths. Perfect nail art tools for professional salons & home using, a terrific gift for girls who love nail art.

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