LCD Cleaning Wipes

Clean your most expensive screens with confidence, with cleaning wipes.

Image of LCD Cleaning Wipes, Individual Packs - Packaging: Now you can take LCD cleaning wipes anywhere. A gentle formula cleans TV screens, laptops, MP3 players and smart phones, keyboards, peripherals, or desktops. They easily clean fingerprints, oils and greases, residues, as well as dust and smoke film. The special wipes will not leave lint or streak, and will not drip. In addition, the resulting antistatic barrier repels dust.

Tub packaging: LCD cleaning wipes also come in a tub. The new and improved cleaning wipes look and clean better than ever. These tough wipes prevent ripping during dispensing, and an air tight cap for extended shelf life after opening. The wipes are non-streaking, anti-static, safely cleans monitors, laptops, TVs, and RoHS compliant.

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