Hygiene Wipes Dispenser

What makes a hygiene soap dispenser perfectly designed in terms of functionality? And, when it comes to aesthetics, how can a dispenser be quick and easy to use, while still being stylish and ‘cool’?

You need five things:

  1. Years of design experience
  2. Bags of design talent
  3. Unmatched technical expertise
  4. First-class manufacturing facilities, and
  5. A feel for changing trends in the marketplace

Put simply, you need The Hygiene Company team.

Our wet wipes dispenser designs offer a whole host of customer advantages. What’s more, they come in a range of colour configurations, so you can choose whichever wet wipes dispenser model complements your workplace’s colour scheme.

Other great customer advantages:

These come with:

An institutional version of the Modular soap dispenser is also available, offering a completely disposable pump and cartridge that is ideally suited for situations where hygiene is critical.

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