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Even if you don't have snot-nosed kids or wet-nosed pets, your computer monitor or HDTV panel will eventually accumulate a collection of annoying smudges and stains. My household happens to contain both of the aforementioned creatures and, thus, I've developed a method for wiping down the HDTV in the living room and the LCD monitor in my office, as well as the screen of my laptop and iPad.

If you take a quick survey of LCD or HDTV manufacturers about the recommended method for cleaning the surface of your monitor or TV screen, you'll discover more don'ts than dos, often in conflict with one another.

In the don't column:

In the do column:

Taking all of the above advice into consideration and speaking from my own experience, the following is my recommendation:

First, attempt to clean your screen with a dry, lint-free LCD wipes. If you can't find the LCD wipes that came with your screen in question, then it's likely you have one laying around from a laptop, iPad, or iPhone purchase.

If a dry LCD wipes doesn't remove the smudges and stains on your screen, then get yourself two LCD wipes and a solution of diluted dish soap and warm water. (I use Dawn dish soap, and just a drop.)

After removing any dust from your screen with a dry LCD wipes, dip the other LCD wipes in your dish soap solution, wring it out, and gently wipe your display. Next, rinse out your soapy LCD wipes, wring it out again, and wipe your display to remove any soap residue. Finally, take your dry LCD wipes and wipe the display to remove any streaking.

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