All About Using Cloth Baby Wipes

When you cloth diaper, it’s almost inevitable that the question of cloth baby wipes will come up. Eventually most parents will at least consider cloth baby wipes, for the same reasons that they chose to use cloth diapers in the first place. Cloth baby wipes are more cost-effective, create less waste in the landfill, and help you avoid the use of irritating soaps and chemicals on your baby’s delicate bottom.

For the record, cloth does a MUCH better job at cleaning poopy bums than a disposable baby wipes. The fabric “grabs” the mess and makes messy clean ups easier. They’re also much better at keeping your hands poop-free. Disposable wipes are so thin, they don’t offer anywhere near as much protection.

Just like cloth diapers, cloth baby wipes come in many different price points, ranging from free or dirt cheap to luxury options. Cloth baby wipes can be upcycled from old towels or washcloths, or you can make your own from clearance bin fabric remnants. If you have a serger, putting a quick edge all around will keep them from fraying. It’s not a big deal either way though. After all, they’re just for cleaning poop!

Personally, I loved those thin baby washcloths that everyone gets at their baby shower. They’re not that useful for baths, but they’re just perfect for wiping bums. Many cloth diaper brands sell their own branded cloth baby wipes, or for luxury feels, you can buy ultra soft minky, velour, or bamboo cloths.

Cleaning up with cloth is as simple as just add water and wipe, though many people use homemade wipe solutions, store-bought solutions, or wipe bits. Virtually all of the time though, water was just fine for us.


There are many ways to store cloth baby wipes. In the beginning I reused disposable wipes containers and filled them with my cloth baby wipes folded in half.

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