5 Clever Ways to Use Wet Wipes

Many people never buy baby wipes until they have children. But it doesn't take long until they start to wonder how they ever lived with out them.

This all purpose product can be very helpful around the home and in everyday life. Here are 15 clever alternative uses for baby wipes, that have nothing to do with babies.


Baby wipes are great for removing makeup, especially eye makeup. I personally use wet wipes for removing my makeup the most, especially when I'm traveling. They are gentle and efficient at getting the job done … and way cheaper than the ones labelled ‘ beauty wipes’.


SO, I only do this occasionally, but wet wipes fit great on the Swiffer Sweeper and clean just as well. They just dry up faster than the wet clothes, because they aren't as wet. You may not be able to do your whole floor with one wipe, but they work perfect in a pinch, like when you run out of the Swiffer pads

• SEAL ENVELOPES: If you hate to lick envelopes, and have a bunch of invites to send out, wet wipes can do the job.

• REMOVE MARKS: Pen, pencil, crayon and paint can be removed from most surfaces and skin with the help of a wet wipe.

• CLEAN RUBBER STAMPS: crafters use wet wipes to clean rubber stamps use for card making and scrapbooking.


Baby wipes can be use to blot up fresh stains on clothes, upholstery (especially microfiber), even carpeting.

Retailers use them to remove make-up marks from clothes. And they are perfect for getting rid of white deodorant marks on dark clothing.


Larger house plant leaves tend to get dusty and need to be cleaned to keep them healthy. Grab a baby wipe to wipe down the leaves. It’s easy and the wipes are gentle and won’t harm your plants.

• CLEAN SHOES: Wet wipes can be used to bring leather shoes and boots to a shine, as well as wiping the sides and bottom of sneakers and hiking boots after stepping in wet grass or mud.

• FRESHEN DRAWERS: Place a few drops of your favorite essential oil on a wet wipe and place it in a dresser drawer as a sachet.

• REMOVE FINGER PRINTS: Clean your touchscreen devices (tablets, phones and computer monitors) and appliances. Wet wipes are soft can get all the sticky fingerprints off.


Wash baby doll faces as well as other kids’ plastic toys.


Wipe of your furry friends paws and messy faces.

Remove stray hairs from pets. Have a pet that sheds? A daily rubdown with a baby wipe will remove some of the excess fur and cut down what ends up on the furniture and floors.

• REMOVE SPRAY TANNER OVER-SPRAY: A baby wipe works wonders if you've been a bit over-zealous with the at-home spray tanner.

• STATIC TAMER : A quick swipe with a baby wipe can calm crazy fly-away hair that full of static electricity.

• CLEAN THE BODY: from messy faces and hands, to toilet paper replacement, to cleaning yourself when there’s no shower available (think camping) wet wipes are perfect when you're in a pinch.

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