12 clever uses for Personal Care Wipes

While personal care wipes are a great way to ensure good health and hygiene, they can do more than keep your hands clean and germ-free.

Whether you’re a mom, busy working girl, a neat-freak or all of the above, here are a few nifty ways personal care wipes can make life a little easier for you.

The modern mom

Toys can easily pass on unwanted germs from child to child, especially if placed in the mouth. Regularly give toys a quick wipe down with a personal care wipe, and pop plastic ones in the dish washer once a month to ensure they are squeaky clean and sanitised.
Sticky little fingers have a special way of leaving marks on almost everything. Personal care wipes are an easy way to clean tacky fingerprints from glass surfaces like photo frames, tablet and phone screens, leaving them looking like new.
Personal care wipes are surprisingly useful for removing stains, particularly on clothes, microfiber furniture, and carpeting.It’s a cheap and cheerful stain remover trick that can save you time, money and your sanity.
Don’t forget to wipe down that trolley when doing the groceries, especially if your kids are going to be seated in the trolley. Food items like raw meat can leave traces of bacteria in high-touch spots that make your family vulnerable to contamination.
The house-proud perfectionist

Happy home-makers will know that personal care wipes are an effective de-greaser. Use them to wipe the excess grease on frying pans and deep fat fryers before putting them into the sink for washing.This way, you can have your chips and eat them!
Houseplants often pick up dust which dulls their leaves. A quick and gentle wipe will immediately restore a healthy sheen and that beautiful botanical gloss.
Do you have pets? Personal care wipes are the ideal solution for wiping down muddy puppy paws so that your house and car aren’t dirtied after a fun walk with the fur kids.
Does a dusty dashboard get your back up? Give your car a once over with a personal care wipe in between valets to keep it spick and span.2
The girl-on-the-go


You may be getting more than flat abs and toned arms at the gym. Mats, bike seats and dumbbell surfaces are a hotbed of activity that can carry a multitude of germs you can avoid by swiping with a personal care wipe before touching.
Are you over annoying white deodorant marks on your favourite black top? A speedy scrub with a personal care wipe will sort that out in no time.
There are few things more frustrating than static or frizzy hair in dry, winter weather. A light pat with a personal care wipe will calm down any flyaways, or alternatively you can wipe your hairbrush before running through your hair.
Stay fresh on hot summer days by keeping a packet of personal care wipes in the fridge or freezer for a refreshing wipe down.

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