Why I Choose Hand Wipes Over Hand Sanitizer

As a Mom I am always doing my best to avoid germs. Being in the middle of peak cold and flu season, the last thing I want is to bring germs home or have my kids pass them around. We are always on the go and soap and water aren’t always readily available. So what’s a Mom to do? There are a myriad of germ killing products on the market, but I choose Hand Wipes. Why do I use Hand Wipes versus other hand sanitizing products on the market?

One HUGE reason that I choose Hand Wipes over hand sanitizer for my family is because my son, Aiden, who is 3 years old, has a severe, life threatening peanut allergy. Hand sanitizer does NOT remove peanut residue from hands but Hand Wipes DO. For this reason our whole family uses them to be sure we are keeping Aiden safe and not inadvertently introducing peanuts into his environment by way of hand to surface transfer. At our church we have also implemented washing every child’s hands with Hand Wipes upon entering the classroom so we can be sure they aren’t bringing any peanut residue into the classroom. Hand Wipes are effective at removing the peanut protein from hands and thus reducing the chances of exposing Aiden to the peanut allergen.
Beyond protecting Aiden from peanuts, which is my number one priority, there are other germ fighting reasons that I choose Hand Wipes. Hand Antibacterial Hand Wipes are proven to be just as effective as gel hand sanitizers in killing 99.99 percent of germs, but they also clean better than hand sanitizer gels, wiping away dirt and messes without drying out skin like alcohol-based hand sanitizers. If your hands are visibly dirty then your gel hand sanitizer is not nearly as effective as it is when you use it on visibly clean hands. After reading different independent study results I was surprised at how many germs were left on hands that were visibly dirty even after using a gel hand sanitizer. Hand wipes not only kill the bacteria but by removing the dirt residue they are doing a much more effective job at cleaning your hands than gel hand sanitizers ever could.

Another reason I love Hand Wipes is that they are gentle on skin and are even safe for babies. I don’t want to put an alcohol based hand sanitizer on my baby’s hands and then watch him put those hands in his mouth. Hand remove the bacteria without the harsh alcohol on his skin or worse, in his mouth. They’re hypoallergenic, alcohol- and fragrance-free. Each wipe has an extra mild cleanser & soothing moisturizers to help keep the touchiest skin touchable.

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