How to distinguish baby wipes

Baby wet wipes can replace the towel to clean the baby dirty hands dirty face, but also play a role in moisturizing, for baby diarrhea but also a good helper, but some bad wet wipes should not be used for children, then how to identify the baby wet Towels are good or bad?
Cannot buy baby wipes containing alcohol.
Some adult wipes contain alcohol, which acts as a disinfectant, but baby wipes cannot contain alcohol, which can cause discomfort to the child’s skin and can even cause irritation. It is generally indicated whether or not the alcohol bag is included in the purchase.
Good baby wipes cannot contain fluorescent agents
Fluorescent agents are chemical dyes that cannot be used in baby wipes, and can easily lead to reduced immunity in children. So good baby wipes can’t have fluorescent agents, so be sure to check the components of the wipes carefully.
When buying baby wipes, you should choose a whiter color that is better without any impurities. If the wet wipes used are fluffy, it means that the quality is not off. Therefore, for the children to use safety, you should try a wet wipe on your own to see how the quality is.
Try to choose fragrance-free wipes.
Good wet wipes are often odorless. When you buy wet wipes for your child, if the smell of wet wipes is heavy, it means there is a problem. It is best not to use it for children, because there are many flavors that can easily cause the child to be allergic to the essence. Parents can smell wet towels in advance to see if there is odor before deciding whether to buy.
Carefully check the product specification, select the products of regular manufacturers with detailed site, service telephone, hygiene standards, enterprise standards, and relevant health department record numbers, and pay attention to see if there is any ISO certification.
The raw material of baby wipes should be spunlace non-woven fabric (also called non-woven fabric). The higher the viscose content is, the softer it is and the better the water absorption is.

Baby wipes use precautions

1. Baby wipes do not dissolve in water, do not discard in the toilet, so as to avoid clogging.
2. If the skin has a wound or redness, swelling, pain, itching and other symptoms, please stop using and promptly consult a doctor.
3. Please do not put on the high temperature and sunlight can be shined, be sure to close the seal after use.
4. On the baby’s hand out of reach, so as to avoid the baby eating.
5. Please open the sealed stickers when used, please do not close the sticker when not in use to keep the wet wipes.
6. In order to keep the wet baby wipes, wet wipes should be selected according to the actual use of different types.
7. Winter baby wipes suggested wet wipes on the heater or next to heat and reuse.


Baby wet wipes can not add things1

The role of alcohol in wet wipes is mainly bactericidal, but alcohol is volatile, easy to wipe off the water loss of the skin surface, feeling tight and dry, causing skin discomfort, it is not suitable for the baby.
Both spices and alcohol are considered to be irritating ingredients, so the aroma is based on the preferences of the consumer, but the added ingredients add to the skin’s risk of allergies, so make sure the natural purity is good for baby products . Therefore, many brands of wet wipes are clearly marked “no alcohol and spices added.”
The purpose of preservatives is to protect the product from microbial contamination and prolong the shelf life and shelf life of the product. However, the use of preservatives can lead to atopic dermatitis. In addition to perfumes, preservatives are the second most common cause of skin irritation and skin irritation.

Wet Wipes: The Secret To All Vacation Packing

WET WIPES: They Are Great. Great for travel, great for gym, great for saying “meh, I would prefer to bathe from the comfort of my couch while wearing this tracksuit,” great for everything. Should we switch to a face wipes-based economy? Maybe start pegging our currency to sunscreen towelette futures? I’m no economist, but if my recent experiences are any indication, the answer is a resounding “Probably Not, But Still… Wet Wipes Are Pretty Awesome,”

Once upon a time in a kingdom exactly as far away as the airport, a girl snuck through security with a ton of beauty stuff in her carryon…and zero Zip Locs. Why? Because she had replaced literally all her products with wet wipes.

The list below has the wet wipes I use when I travel, but when I get a rec from you I’m always super excited to try it.

Best Perfume Wipes

Tiny glass atomizers and roll-aboard bags do not mix, hence the genius of Pinrose’s Petal Packs. They look like after-BBQ wet naps but smell like classy lady fragrances, and they’ve saved my backpack (and my Le Labo Jasmin 17) from disaster several times. I’m a big fan of Moonlight Gypsy, a lovely rose-infused incense that wears all day without being overwhelming, but I also hear rave reviews about Pillowtalk Poet. If you’re going somewhere warm, it’s also excellent for ladies (like, ahem, myself) who have renounced antiperspirant in favor of natural deo. If you’re on the border of Funkytown, these things will steer you safely back to Smell Good-Landia.

Best Sunscreen Wipes

Sunscreen in a wipe is just such a good idea for vacations. You’re going to need more than a couple measly ounces if you’re slathering it on, right? So I usually just throw a pack of these broad spectrum, mineral, non-nano SPF 30 Babysafe Sunscreen Towelettes in my bag. They’re really gentle, they don’t leave that chalky cast on skin the way some physical sunblocks do, and having them with me really encourages me to be vigilant with reapplication. I do have concerns about the fact that I’m throwing away 20 wet wipes over the course of a trip. BUT having biodegradable wet wipes go into the trash isn’t any more wasteful than tossing a huge plastic bottle into your hotel room’s trash (hopefully you’ll be able to recycle, but that’s not universally available).

Best Face Wipes

When it comes to face wipes, I’m of two minds. The best (best!) ones I’ve ever used are Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Cloths. They solve one of my biggest issues with Cetaphil, which is that it doesn’t quiiiite cleanse enough on its own. With the wipe there’s a gentle physical exfoliation, so you truly do get completely bare skin with moisture barrier intact. You also use way, way less product, which is nice.

Best Body Wipes

No longer are we limited to Boogie Wipes, Wet Ones, and the off-brand squishy cotton packages of yore. These days, you name it and somebody’s soaked a piece of cloth in it and sealed it up in vacuum packets for resale. Which is why it’s strange that great body wipes are still kinda hard to come by. After a lot of searching, I’ve decided on Heritage Store Castor Clean Towelettes. They’re natural, simple (basically just witch hazel and baking soda), portable, gentle, and cheap. They don’t smell like anything, they get sweat and gunk off you, and they don’t have any harsh surfactants, which is nice for sensitive-skinned peeps.

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