Buy pet wipes special note

The main function of pet wipes is to quickly clean the pet’s body surface and to achieve the functions of bright hair, deodorant, bactericidal and itchiness at the same time on the basis of the cleanliness of the ingredients contained in the wet wipes. Specific to the packaging, generally according to the capacity is divided into bags, barreled, boxed a variety of specifications.

Look at the packaging: Attention should be above the packaging name, factory address, telephone, shelf life, active ingredients, production lot number, production date, health permit number, the implementation of health standards, instructions and precautions and so on. In many projects, “shelf life” is particularly important. Wet wipes of different uses have different shelf life.
Ordinary wet wipes “is mainly used for cleaning the skin, the shelf life is generally 6 months to 3 years.” Disinfection wipes “is divided into two kinds, one for small wounds and the surrounding skin cleaning and disinfection; the other is with wide Spectrum bactericidal effect for the skin clean, smooth, disinfection, sterilization, shelf life of these two sterilization wipes 2 years.
First Impression: Here we get the score of taste, texture and softness after getting a wet paper towel. If you do not pass, it is better to consider changing a brand.
Sealing: This is particularly important for products that have anti-virus effect, once the product is damaged or the package itself is not qualified, so that the product is very difficult to play a bactericidal cleaning effect, but may therefore be troubled upper body, Let the pet infected with bacteria and viruses.
Trial study: If the use of wet wipes after the skin irritation, itching, irritation and other symptoms, should immediately stop using, serious should go to the hospital.
If a pet wet wipes withstand the rigorous investigation, it is a suitable product for your favorite pet. With its help, I believe you can certainly be tidy and beautiful pet care, pet life is no longer cumbersome.

Why use antibacterial pet wipes for dogs?


Unlike regular dog grooming wipes, antibacterial pet wipes for dogs serve a different purpose.

It’s no secret that dogs like to stick their noses everywhere and attract all kinds of nasty parasites, fungi, bacteria and more. Pyodermas, malassezia, itching, yeasty formation, and other fungal and bacterial conditions are commonly found on dog’s skin and in skin folds.

These conditions have been the source of endless woes among pet owners. Using best antiseptic pet wipes for dogs is a great solution for most topical skin conditions. Vets strongly suggest including some of the best antiseptic pet wipes for dogs in your pet’s first aid kit.

However, if your pooch already has a serious condition, it’s too late for pads – make sure to have him checked out by a veterinarian in case there is an underlying health condition.

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