Quickie DIY: Create Lint-Free Gel Nail Polish Remover Wipes

I wanted to give myself a new gel polish manicure today, and I opened up my gel polish kit, and oops…. out of those lint-free wipes that are used with the gel cleanser (which is isopropyl alcohol). So, I looked around, and I found a 80 count package of “baby wipes”, that I got at the local dollar store.

Step 1: Gather the supplies

Few supplies needed: wipes, scissors, blow dryer, gel manicure kit.

Step 2: Dry, cut and bag


After removing 2 wipes, I dried them with a blow dryer.

I folded each one into thirds, and cut them along the fold lines.

I folded those sections into thirds again, and cut them again.

So, I have a total of 18 squares…. ready to be used!

Here they are, in a mini zip-top bag. They are safe for more gel manicures.

Step 3: Apply gel polish manicure


Picture of Apply gel polish manicure

Apply gel polish manicure per your kit’s directions, and enjoy!

This article writed by SaintSalvage from instructables

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