Eyeglass Lens Wipes

Life moves fast, and you want to be there to take in every moment. Lens Wipes gently remove dust and dirt from a variety of lenses without leaving streaks or scratches, giving you the clarity you need to truly enjoy life. These wipes are wrapped individually for portability and convenience.


  • Common uses include eyeglasses, camera lenses, and goggles
  • Non-scratching and non-streaking
  • Pleasant light citrus fragrance
  • Individually wrapped for convenience and moisture retention
  • Available in 30- and 60-count boxes

Tips & Tricks

Leave your Lens Wipes in your bag, in your car, at the office, or in their box at home. Wipe all lenses with care, using the center of the wipe so as to avoid scratching or streaking lenses. Dispose of wipes in a trash receptacle.

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