Bamboo Dish Pad & Wiping Cloth


The bamboo cloths reviewed here are sold for washing dishes, but we also use them for wiping tables and countertops. For this use, they have many advantages that make them simply superior to both bamboo kitchen wipes and cotton cloths. The first thing you notice when you touch them is the thick, quality feel that just feels just right in your hand. They are soft and absorbent like cotton, but don’t get that super heavy feel when soaked with water. It’s like a cross between synthetic quick-dry and cotton.

Even after many uses, they will not get that mushy feel of bamboo kitchen wipes. Due to anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of bamboo, they don’t end up smelling either. Since they don’t smell, feel mushy or look like wet napkins, you are much more inclined to throw them in the washing machine. This fact alone makes them last much longer.

When used for washing dishes, the bamboo cloth is quite good for cleaning items that are not too dirty. The makers say that you can wash your dishes without dish detergent due to bamboos anti-bacterial qualities. We use the cloths, without detergent, for washing things like glasses, cups and for dishes that have been used for serving fruit, bread, etc. For heavy duty cleaning we still use a sponge pad.

For the right uses (wiping tables/countertops and cleaning dishes that aren’t too dirty) the performance of this product is definitely superior to the existing products on the market. We are glad to find a product that not only more ecologically sustainable, but also provides improved performance.

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