3 Reasons Why You Should Own Baby Wipes


1)Sexy Time: Keep a pack in your nightstand for easy access after a marathon moanin’ and bonin’ session. They’re perfect for quick cleanups for you, for him (or her — no judgments), and for the sheets (if you get down like that — again, no judgments).

2)Dead Damn Drunk Day: Next time you get shit-faced, don’t skip the makeup removal step. Grab a baby wipe and wipe it all off before you stumble to bed, couch or to the tub. (I’ve slept in the tub on numerous occasions. Seriously, shower curtains are the best makeshift comforters ever. As long as they’re dry.)

Although they aren’t as good, there’s no need go searching for cotton pads and actual makeup remover — sometimes that shit just ain’t happening.

3)Ho Baths: When you don’t have enough time for a full-blown bath or even a quick shower, take a “ho bath.” That’s when you hit all of the important spots with one wipe (taking care to move from north to south, if you know what I mean).

Most important areas to hit? Get that neck — front and back, under your pits, in-between and under your boobs, in your belly button, under your FUPA (if you have one — I know I do), in the crooks of your knees and elbows and of course, your bussy (see definition above). Nothing’s worse than smelly swamp ass.

Are you a fan of baby wipes? What do you use them for?

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