The Perfect Face Wipe for Every Kind of Lazy Girl


1. For The “i Need To Feel It Working” Lazy Girl: Simple Exfoliating Wipes These textured wipes are perfect for the girls who want a little more oomph/scrubbing power when removing their face every night.

2. For The Skeptical Lazy Girl: Deep Clean Towelettes

These wipes feature oil-dissolvers that are no joke and go *deep* down—your skin will feel super clean, with no residue.

3. For The i’m-So-Hot (Literally) Lazy Girl: Make up remover wipes

One swipe of these bad boys, and your skin will be feeling cool, hydrated, and refreshed.

4. For The “My Face Is Like a Desert” Lazy Girl: Wet Wipes

Quench your skin’s thirst with these wipes infused with specially formulated for normal-to-dry skin. Translation: Extra hydration.

5. For The “Holy Sh*t Is That a Wrinkle?” Lazy Girl: Total Effects Cleansing Cloths

These dual-textured wipes lift away dirt, but most importantly—they distribute age-defying vitamins and moisturizers that fight seven signs of aging for more youthful-looking skin.

6. For The Blemish-Prone Lazy Girl: Face Wipes

These paraben-free wipes contain 2% salicylic acid to penetrate pores and keep breakouts far, far away. The natural active botanicals also diminish the appearance of blemishes and marks—wins all around.

7. For The “My Face Is Freaking Out” Lazy Girl: Evening Soothe Wipes

These wipes are infused with chamomile and white tea to calm skin and relax your mind.

8. For The Eco-Friendly Lazy Girl: Naked Wipes

These biodegradable wipes are soft and easy on the skin, with calming ingredients like aloe vera and cucumber. Plus, a portion of each package’s sales will go to protect endangered animals.

9. For The Sensitive-Skin Lazy Girl: Quick Thinking Wipes

This hypo-allergenic product works on even the most sensitive skin by removing dirt and grim and infusing moisture—plus, it is completely, 100% fragrance-free.

10. For The Makeup-Loving Lazy Girl: Express Cleansing Wipes

Say goodbye to that mascara, liner, foundation, shadow…you get the gist. Even your waterproof formulas will lift off in seconds.

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