How to Clean the Upholstery in a Car


Maintaining the interior of your vehicle can be a difficult and tiresome job but it is a necessity. It not only keeps the vehicle clean but it also will help the resale value when it time to move up to a new car. The interior, and especially the upholstery, can become permanently stained if debris and spills are allowed to sit for long periods of time.

The best practice is to clean the interior of your car on a regular schedule and attack big stains and spills as soon as possible to make sure they don’t become a permanent part of your vehicle’s landscape.

There are definitely differences when it comes to stains and upholstery types so using the correct method and car interior cleaning wet wipes will ensure that all the grime is gone and the cleaning itself doesn’t do further damage to your interior.

Here are the best methods of keeping the interior of your vehicle nice and clean.

1. Spot-clean stains

2. Address general stains

3. Deal with specialty stains

4. Get rid of grease and oil stains

5. Give the interior a general cleaning

6. Cleaning leather

7. Keep the car clean

8. Hire a pro

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