Flushable Toilet Wipes

Flushable wipes to your bathroom routine for a fresher, more confident clean. Flushable moist wipes feature a CleanRipple Texture that removes what dry paper leaves behind and Safe Flush Technology to help protect sewers and septic systems. These disposable wipes are alcohol-free and contain just the right amount of moisture to provide our ultimate clean. Flushable wipes with your favorite Toilet Paper and enjoy a fresh-from-the-shower feeling all day, at home or away.

These soft cloths contain just the right amount of moisture to provide the ultimate clean. Pair with toilet paper to feel your cleanest and freshest every day. Great for the entire family.

Why choose us?

Get hooked on everyday freshness with Flushable wipes. Already moist and ready to revitalize, the Flushable wipes provide an enhanced everyday clean and contain aloe and vitamin E. And with a upright dispenser, the wipes can fit right in with your bathroom d├ęcor. For the shower-fresh feeling that can follow you through your busy day, turn to Flushable wipes.

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