Dry Mops

Attach Dust Mop Pads to Compatible Handles to Remove Dust, Crumbs, and Debris from Floors.

Clean and dust hard floor surfaces with our selection of dry mops! Choose from dust mop pads, handles, frames, and holders to build an option best suited for your janitorial needs. This mop style requires no soapy water or buckets, making it a quick and easy solution for cleaning up dust, dirt, and other light debris. Our dry mop heads are available in various sizes to use in your narrow hallway or large dining hall.

Most of our dust mop pads feature loop ends with cut end fringes that retain dust and prevent it from clouding or spreading during use. You can also choose from dry mop heads made out of cotton or microfiber. Microfiber mop heads lock in dust and germs and guarantee a streak-free shine every time. Many of these options can also be washed and reused up to sixty times!

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