How to distinguish baby wipes

Baby wet wipes can replace the towel to clean the baby dirty hands dirty face, but also play a role in moisturizing, for baby diarrhea but also a good helper, but some bad wet wipes should not be used for children, then how to identify the baby wet Towels are good or bad?
Cannot buy baby wipes containing alcohol.
Some adult wipes contain alcohol, which acts as a disinfectant, but baby wipes cannot contain alcohol, which can cause discomfort to the child’s skin and can even cause irritation. It is generally indicated whether or not the alcohol bag is included in the purchase.
Good baby wipes cannot contain fluorescent agents
Fluorescent agents are chemical dyes that cannot be used in baby wipes, and can easily lead to reduced immunity in children. So good baby wipes can’t have fluorescent agents, so be sure to check the components of the wipes carefully.
When buying baby wipes, you should choose a whiter color that is better without any impurities. If the wet wipes used are fluffy, it means that the quality is not off. Therefore, for the children to use safety, you should try a wet wipe on your own to see how the quality is.
Try to choose fragrance-free wipes.
Good wet wipes are often odorless. When you buy wet wipes for your child, if the smell of wet wipes is heavy, it means there is a problem. It is best not to use it for children, because there are many flavors that can easily cause the child to be allergic to the essence. Parents can smell wet towels in advance to see if there is odor before deciding whether to buy.
Carefully check the product specification, select the products of regular manufacturers with detailed site, service telephone, hygiene standards, enterprise standards, and relevant health department record numbers, and pay attention to see if there is any ISO certification.
The raw material of baby wipes should be spunlace non-woven fabric (also called non-woven fabric). The higher the viscose content is, the softer it is and the better the water absorption is.