The use of wet wipes

1, home travel essential

At home, you can use wipes to wipe your home and shoes; when you go out to eat, wipes can be wiped cleanly on your mouth and on your hands; with your child going out, it’s not always possible to have towels and water to clean the child’s wet wipes. Come in handy, can wipe the child’s mouth, small hands, small PP……

2, female compatriots wash your face, make-up remover

Many households nowadays have installed tap filters on their tap water, which proves that the quality of tap water is very worrying. Water quality is not as good as the purified water in the wipes. After washing her face, female compatriots can wipe their faces with a wet wipe to perform secondary cleaning.

When you remove makeup, you can wring out the moisture from the wipes and then apply makeup remover to replace the normal makeup remover. Good wet wipes do not lose the floccules and are much more useful than makeup removers.

However, the more commonly used things are, the more carefully you choose to go out of your shopping mistakes!

Baby wipes use precautions

1. Baby wipes do not dissolve in water, do not discard in the toilet, so as to avoid clogging.
2. If the skin has a wound or redness, swelling, pain, itching and other symptoms, please stop using and promptly consult a doctor.
3. Please do not put on the high temperature and sunlight can be shined, be sure to close the seal after use.
4. On the baby’s hand out of reach, so as to avoid the baby eating.
5. Please open the sealed stickers when used, please do not close the sticker when not in use to keep the wet wipes.
6. In order to keep the wet baby wipes, wet wipes should be selected according to the actual use of different types.
7. Winter baby wipes suggested wet wipes on the heater or next to heat and reuse.