Wet wipes industry

According to market segmentation, wet wipes products are divided into two major areas of civil wet wipes and industrial wet wipes, of which the wet wipes market accounts for the major part of the total sales of wipes accounted for 75% of sales.

Personal wipes products can be further subdivided into: baby wipes, accounting for 60% of domestic wipes; personal care wipes, accounting for 30%; cleaning wipes (home care), accounting for 10%.

No matter what kind of wipes, basically require the use of anti-bacterial agent for wipes anti-corrosion, in addition to a part of wipes, is anti-antimicrobial function, the need to use antimicrobial agents as fungicidal / bacteriostatic support. According to statistics, 10% of the baby wet wipes and personal care wipes in civil wipes have antibacterial / antibacterial functions; the wet wipes have 30% inhibition / antibacterial function; and 20% of the industrial wet wipes have antibacterial / bactericidal effects Features.

Why do almost all wet wipes need to use anti-bacterial agent as a preservative? From the characteristics of wet wipes and bacterial growth conditions can be seen:

Wet wipes features:

• Cellulose Matrix: Personal Care Wet wipes are commonly used cotton, viscose nonwovens that provide nutrients for bacterial growth;

• Surfactants: nutrients that provide bacterial growth;

• Functional skin care ingredients: such as extracts, proteins and other nutrients that provide bacterial growth

• Moisture: Wet wipes usually contain up to 70% moisture

• pH: Personal Hygiene Wet wipes Liquids are more or less acidic

Wet wipes status

Wet toilet paper / disposable wet wipes, wipes for feminine hygiene, incontinence / bath wipes , and other functional wipes as well as pest control, sunscreen, makeup and facial wipes are the largest in the market for personal care wipes Area, is also the highest average price in this category.

According to Svetlana Uduslivaia, head of industry research at Euromonitor International, sales of wet wipes are still mainly concentrated in developed markets, with higher unit prices being a major limiting factor for consumers in developing regions. Although consumers generally have higher disposable income in developed markets, pricing remains a challenge. Local consumers are not always willing to pay extra for wet wipes, but Uduslivaia believes baby wipes are often the “pricing benchmark” for other personal wet wipes as baby wipes are the largest. In the past two to three years, many new products in the United States went public at the time of release, a package of 48 pieces that cost more than $ 10 (about 67.2 yuan), but once the product started mass-market retail sales, the price would drop rapidly to less than 5 US dollars (about 33.6 yuan), indicating that consumers are very sensitive to the price of wet wipes.
In addition to facial makeup wipes, wet toilet paper or can be washed away wet wipes are also performed well. Product development encourages demand, wet toilet paper is still a relatively small category. Even in some developed country markets, wet wipes of this category are relatively new and underdeveloped, laying the groundwork for further growth. In the United States and Canada, for example, most wet toilet paper positive growth, can increase sales of wipes in this category through promotional activities, increase investment in advertising.

Despite accusations that wet wipes of this category are being clogged in plumbing and water treatment systems, Uduslivaia believes the negative news did not have much impact. Investment in the development of such products will continue, but it depends on how the industry succeeds in resolving and reversing the increasingly stringent policies and regulatory measures of the local government.

Pet wet wipes, really dispensable exist?

The assimilation of people and pet products is an increasingly obvious trend, mainly because people want to use more convenient products for pets, so that they can also enjoy the simplicity and comfort of modern life. Step on this step, many pet supplies have been born, and pet wet wipes is one of the very important product.

The assimilation of people and pet products is an increasingly obvious trend, mainly because people want to use more convenient products for pets, so that they can also enjoy the simplicity and comfort of modern life. Step on this step, many pet supplies have been born, and pet wet wipes is one of the very important product.

Pet wet wipes N reasons exist

Pet products market is increasingly prosperous today, people may find that some product development is only a temporary rise in the specific application process, these products can easily become a “tasteless” embarrassing position. So pet-friendly wet wipes is also such a product easy to put parents away from it? The answer is of course negative.
As a daily necessities, talking about the pet wet wipes naturally from the real life situation of the pet talking about.
Scenario 1: As we all know, puppy skin epidermal development is not perfect, lack of resistance, the skin is tender, so it is not suitable for washing clean body. Choose a pet wet wipes, both to protect the puppies of the skin, but also to achieve the purpose of cleaning the body.
Scenario 2: Pet diarrhea is a frequent occurrence. After each pet defecation, the host will find that their ass is contaminated with excrement. At this moment, the pet is weak and can not take frequent bathing. What to do next?
Scenario 3: Parents feeding long-haired dogs will be worried about a problem, that is, each time after eating or drinking, the pet’s hair near the mouth will make a particularly dirty, over time may also result in hair color changes, and some The owner had to reluctantly cut off the love, the hair near the dog’s mouth reduced, which is tantamount to disfigurement it! The following conditions of the dog is not suitable for bathing:
1, just take home the dog;
2, puppies have not been vaccinated;
3, trauma dogs, suffering from a cold, etc., in an unhealthy state;
4, just hit the vaccine dog;
5, estrus bitches;
6, before and after pregnancy dog.
If you are in the process of feeding pets will also encounter these situations, and has begun to use wet paper towels for pets, then the product’s convenience and effectiveness will make you put it down. But you also do not happy too early, pet selection of wet wipes although simple, but some issues require extra attention.
Important things to say three times: pet dedicated, dedicated, dedicated wipes
Because the human skin PH value and pet different. Human wet wipes PH value is designed according to the human skin, and most of the alcohol content, dogs and cats stimulate. The professional pet wipes PH value is based on the pet’s skin to design and production.

How to distinguish wet wipes pros and cons

1, the wet towel on the nose gently smell, if it is a good quality wipes we will smell a soft and elegant taste, it does not have any irritation. If it is a pack of inferior wipes, we smell the time, we will feel obvious irritating odor.

2, high-quality wet wipes are made of high-quality raw materials, we can see non-woven white, without any impurities. Poor quality wipes and their poor raw materials, we can see there are obvious impurities above, high-quality wet wipes in the course of use, there will be no obvious fluff phenomenon, and low-quality wet wipes in the course of a very obvious phenomenon of fluff.

3, remove the wipes, wet wipes have mildew, long moldy, this wipes do not use. If you feel wet skin during the use of the skin irritation, itching, pain, this feeling, you should immediately wash with water and stop using it, so as to avoid greater harm.

4, carefully review the product endorsement, select a detailed site, service call, health standards, corporate standards and the relevant health department for the record number and other information on the formal manufacturers of the brand.