Something that can’t be added to a baby’s wet towel

Baby wipes are special wet tissues for babies. Compared with adult wet wipes, baby wipes are relatively demanding, because baby’s skin is very delicate, and it is easy to allergy.
Baby wipes can be divided into ordinary wipes and hand towel. Baby baby wipes are usually used to wipe baby’s small fart, and hand wipes are used to wipe baby’s mouth and hands.

The fluorescent agent should not appear in the wet paper towel, too. If there is a fluorescent agent in the wet towel, it should be added to the raw material for non-woven fabric, which is also a harmful ingredient to the skin of the baby.
Unsterilized water
The main ingredient of baby wipes is water. The water must be treated pure water, otherwise the bacteria in the water will proliferate on the wipes, which will be harmful to the baby’s skin and health.
The quality control of the big brand in the pure water is still guaranteed. The most unsafe thing about the wet towel produced by small manufacturers is here.

Personal care with an amazing growth rate of wet wipes

According to a recent report by SmithersPira, sales of personal care wet wipes are expected to reach about 2.8 billion U.S. dollars in 2016, consuming more than 88,000 tons of nonwovens. Market researchers estimate that by 2021 its sales will grow to 4.1 billion U.S. dollars (about 27.57 billion yuan), consuming more than 133,000 tons of non-woven fabrics.
Wet wipes, wet wipes, feminine hygiene wipes, adult incontinence / bath wipes, and other functional wipes as well as pest control, sunscreen, makeup and facial wipes are the largest in the market for personal care wipes Area, is also the highest average price in this category.


According to Svetlana Uduslivaia, head of industry research at Euromonitor International, sales of wet wipes are still mainly concentrated in developed markets, with higher unit prices being a major limiting factor for consumers in developing regions. Although consumers generally have higher disposable income in developed markets, pricing remains a challenge. Local consumers are not always willing to pay extra for wet wipes, but Uduslivaia believes baby wipes are often the “pricing benchmark” for other personal wet wipes as baby wipes are the largest. In the past two to three years, many new products in the United States went public at the time of release, a package of 48 pieces that cost more than $ 10 (about 67.2 yuan), but once the product began mass-market retail, the price will rapidly drop to less than 5 US dollars (about 33.6 yuan), indicating that consumers are very sensitive to the price of wet wipes.

In addition to facial makeup wipes, wet toilet paper or can be washed away wet wipes are also performed well. Product development encourages demand, wet toilet paper is still a relatively small category. Even in some developed country markets, wet wipes of this category are relatively new and underdeveloped, laying the groundwork for further growth. In the United States and Canada, for example, most wet toilet paper positive growth, can increase sales of wipes in this category through promotional activities, increase investment in advertising.

Despite accusations that wet wipes of this category are being clogged in plumbing and water treatment systems, Uduslivaia believes the negative news did not have much impact. Investment in the development of such products will continue, but it depends on how the industry succeeds in resolving and reversing the increasingly stringent policies and regulatory measures of the local government.

Kitchen wipes



Safe to use on everyday kitchen countertops, inside/outside of appliances (fridges, microwaves…), and to thoroughly clean sinks, kitchen tiles, splash backs, stovetops, range hoods, and more…


The problem with so many kitchen wipes on the market is, whilst they may be reasonably effective at cleaning work surfaces and other kitchen areas, their odour can taint the food being prepared there. So strong can the odour be, the food simply becomes unsalable (and, in many cases, inedible as some of the cleaning properties within the wipes can be poisonous).

Baby wet wipes can not add things1

The role of alcohol in wet wipes is mainly bactericidal, but alcohol is volatile, easy to wipe off the water loss of the skin surface, feeling tight and dry, causing skin discomfort, it is not suitable for the baby.
Both spices and alcohol are considered to be irritating ingredients, so the aroma is based on the preferences of the consumer, but the added ingredients add to the skin’s risk of allergies, so make sure the natural purity is good for baby products . Therefore, many brands of wet wipes are clearly marked “no alcohol and spices added.”
The purpose of preservatives is to protect the product from microbial contamination and prolong the shelf life and shelf life of the product. However, the use of preservatives can lead to atopic dermatitis. In addition to perfumes, preservatives are the second most common cause of skin irritation and skin irritation.