How to Use Disinfecting Wet Wipes

Dr. William Schaffner, chair of the department of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, agreed that people should be careful to use disinfecting wet wipes appropriately to avoid spreading bacteria around their homes.

His motto for disinfectant wipes: “use it and lose it,” especially on highly contaminated surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen. For example, don’t use the same wipe to clean both the toilet and the sink.

But Schaffner added that in hospitals, surfaces are not the primary source of bacteria that infect patients. Other patients and health care workers are the ones who transmit the most germs. “It is hands that are the great transfer vehicle for bacteria from patient to patient,” he said.

So the rising use of disinfecting wet wipes shouldn’t overshadow the most important rule of hygiene: Wash your hands.

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Can Sweeper Wet Mopping Cloths Be Used on Wood Floors?

20160721According to the manufacturer’s website, the wet mopping cloth is appropriate for use on finished hardwood floors when you use either the dry or wet refill cloths. Wet refills aren’t recommended for use on unfinished, waxed or oiled floors, and you should use them with caution on finished hardwood.

Test Results

In a test conducted by the Good Housekeeping Research Institute, the WetJet Wood Floor Cleaner did a good job dissolving and removing hardened gelatin from a wood-floor test panel, but several passes were required to remove scuff marks. Testers noted the pads were easy to dispense and the system was easy to use. Despite rumors to the contrary, WetJet mops are safe to use in houses with dogs and cats as long as proper precautions are taken to keep the animal from walking on a wet floor or ingesting the solution; it is not toxic but may cause skin irritation or stomach pains.

Using Wet Refills

The cleaning solution in wet mopping cloth is water based — and water is bad for hardwood or laminate floors. The danger of it seeping though a new finish isn’t great, but if any part of the floor is worn, the water can can cause spotting. Moreover, it can seep into the cracks between boards and cause swelling and curling. If you own a mop, stick with the dry refills for cleaning your hardwood floors.

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The Perfect Face Wipe for Every Kind of Lazy Girl


1. For The “i Need To Feel It Working” Lazy Girl: Simple Exfoliating Wipes These textured wipes are perfect for the girls who want a little more oomph/scrubbing power when removing their face every night.

2. For The Skeptical Lazy Girl: Deep Clean Towelettes

These wipes feature oil-dissolvers that are no joke and go *deep* down—your skin will feel super clean, with no residue.

3. For The i’m-So-Hot (Literally) Lazy Girl: Make up remover wipes

One swipe of these bad boys, and your skin will be feeling cool, hydrated, and refreshed.

4. For The “My Face Is Like a Desert” Lazy Girl: Wet Wipes

Quench your skin’s thirst with these wipes infused with specially formulated for normal-to-dry skin. Translation: Extra hydration.

5. For The “Holy Sh*t Is That a Wrinkle?” Lazy Girl: Total Effects Cleansing Cloths

These dual-textured wipes lift away dirt, but most importantly—they distribute age-defying vitamins and moisturizers that fight seven signs of aging for more youthful-looking skin.

6. For The Blemish-Prone Lazy Girl: Face Wipes

These paraben-free wipes contain 2% salicylic acid to penetrate pores and keep breakouts far, far away. The natural active botanicals also diminish the appearance of blemishes and marks—wins all around.

7. For The “My Face Is Freaking Out” Lazy Girl: Evening Soothe Wipes

These wipes are infused with chamomile and white tea to calm skin and relax your mind.

8. For The Eco-Friendly Lazy Girl: Naked Wipes

These biodegradable wipes are soft and easy on the skin, with calming ingredients like aloe vera and cucumber. Plus, a portion of each package’s sales will go to protect endangered animals.

9. For The Sensitive-Skin Lazy Girl: Quick Thinking Wipes

This hypo-allergenic product works on even the most sensitive skin by removing dirt and grim and infusing moisture—plus, it is completely, 100% fragrance-free.

10. For The Makeup-Loving Lazy Girl: Express Cleansing Wipes

Say goodbye to that mascara, liner, foundation, shadow…you get the gist. Even your waterproof formulas will lift off in seconds.

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Origin of the Wet Towel


Being handed a wet towel in an establishment is usually seen as being fancy or upper class. The first time you may be quite confused as to what to do, but eventually you’ll get the hang of unwrapping and using this damp, often scented cotton or non woven material to clean your face and hands.

But where did this trend originate? Well it comes from a common tradition in Japan where the towels are called “oshibori” meaning wet towel. They are often handed out before or after meals to clean the hands and occasionally the face.

Oshibori may be served hot or cold depending on the season. In the winter they are often served warm for comfort, and in the summer served cold to refresh the user. It is a very common practice in Japan and China to distribute the towels rolled up or folded in a log shape, or disposable towels folded and wrapped in thin plastic when sold with “bento” or lunch boxes at convenience stores.

Now the western world is finally catching onto this trend, finding that the oshibori or as we know it, the wet towel, can be used in our society too. In restaurants they can be used much the same as they are in Japan and we also have our own beneficial uses to them. These inexpensive towels are now used places such as in spas, salons, dentists, hotels, airlines, fitness centres and much more.

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